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Hearts Filigree Stuffing Balloon

Hearts Filigree Stuffing Balloon

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Local Pick-up or Delivery Only in the Hampton Roads Area of Virginia!!!!

Change the way you give a gift with a WOW factor! A personalize and customizable gift in a balloon made to order for you! This 18" latex balloon can be stuffed with items you provide or provide us with your price margin and shop for you.

- You choose the color scheme or let us choose for you!

- Bow/topper to match!

- Countless add-ons available.

     * Personalized message on the outside!

     * Check out our made-to-order custom items!

The price range starts at 30+ depending on add-ons.  Purchase this deposit for your base stuffed balloon packaging selection and someone will reach out in 24 hours to finalize additional customization and pick-up/delivery option!

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